Green in the grey

Japanese Green Pigeon

A dark grey rainy day in Onuma a couple of days ago but there was a bit of colour in the treetops……….

Japanese Green Pigeons are summer visitors to Hokkaido and their weird calls are a common sound in the forests.

Japanese Green Pigeon

I usually don’t see these in the trees much as they hide in the foliage. They are easiier to see when they come down to the sea to drink the saltwater.

Not particularly good photos but as I say i don’t often see them like this.

Japanese Green Pigeon

2 thoughts on “Green in the grey

  1. Good spot Stuart, so surreal Seeing a pigeon in that colour scheme. Unusual at Onuma? As usually you see at the coast as I think they drink sea water? At least I have seen a similar species in The Gambia.

    1. Hi Tony, the ones that come down to the sea often travel a long way to get the salt in seawater but they live in the foests and hills. The ones we tried to see last year (?) would have been from Onuma.

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