Lesser White-fronted Goose

Lesser White-fronted Goose

A lifer from this afternoon: 3 Lesser White-fronted Geese to the north of town.

There were lots of geese flying around. They all seemed to be Greater White-fronted Geese. I fired off some shots but got a bit bored (I was waiting in vain for a Lapwing, a scarce bird here, to come close). Then 3 flew right over me against a blue sky and I thought it might make a nice pic. Whilst waiting for the aforementioned Lapwing I checked the day’s photos so far and then I noticed the 3 yellow eye-rings and the 3 cute pink stubby bills.

4 thoughts on “Lesser White-fronted Goose

  1. Great spot Stuart. Have only seen from about a mile away at Lake Kirkini, Greece – and missed one in Norfolk by a day last December.
    Always fun to spot birds when later checking photos. Experienced that recently in the Tokyo Nature Park when I was sure a Bird was in a bush so fired off some shots in the general direction only later to see clearly a Black-faced Bunting…

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