November Eagles

Steller’s Sea Eagle

A grey but very mild day in Yakumo today.

There were a lot more Eagles than last time. At least 50 or 60 I’d say and most seemed be be Steller’s.

Annoyingly I dropped my iphone by the side of the road and we spent some time retracing our steps back to the first place we’d stopped where luckily it was there: a bit dirty but unharmed. We lost several really good photo opps whilst searching………

Today’s shots are not very good but it’s always nice to start off another Eagle season.

White-tailed Eagle

Not much else around. the Snow Geese were no longer at Onuma but we did see Bewick’s Swan and Crested Kingfisher at Yakumo and most of the common winter stuff has arrived.

Steller’s Sea Eagle

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