A grey Sunday

Steller’s Sea Eagle

A Steller’s Sea Eagle in Yakumo on Sunday.

Steller’s Sea Eagle

The numbers are slowly falling as the salmon stock dwindles and the birds begin to disperse. There were still a fair few around though but for most of the morning the skies were too dark and blizzards hit in the afternoon.

Steller’s Sea Eagle

There were more eagles of both species up in Oshamanbe, they won’t be leaving quite yet.

6 thoughts on “A grey Sunday

  1. Great sights on a grey Sunday. Very different to grey Sundays in Japan. I heard one Steller’s Eagle was sighted in Niigata last Sunday. It was a cold drizzley day and I stayed at home with the cough I’ve had for the last two weeks.

    1. Your remember that song by Morrissey? “Everyday is like Sunday. Every day is silent and grey”. Same the world over…………

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